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Drive Sales With UGC Ads That Actually Convert

We'll integrate our powerful UGC system into your e-commerce business and drive you more sales than ever before.

Why go with UGC?

(as an e-commerce business)

Authenticity and Trust

UGC ads feature content created by actual users, customers, or fans of the brand. This kind of content is perceived as more genuine and authentic compared to professionally produced advertisements.


While professional ad campaigns can be expensive due to costs associated with production, hiring actors, and other overheads, UGC only requires a single person to record a video using their phone, allowing us to produce hundreds of ads for a single campaign, at a fraction of the cost.

Organic Reach

User-generated content naturally mimics the type of content that people are already sharing and engaging with on social platforms. Because of its authentic and relatable nature, UGC will perform great even when posted organically, meaning your brand can reach millions of potential customers without spending a dollar on advertising!

Enhanced Conversions

UGC not only draws in more views and interactions but can also lead to 4.5x more conversions! Seeing real people endorse and use a product can influence buying decisions more strongly than traditional advertising. This is especially powerful in the e-com space where decision-making heavily relies on recommendations and reviews from other consumers.

The Process

To Unlocking Your Store's Potential

01 - Plan

Hop on a call with our marketing expert and we'll discuss the best solution for your brand.

02 - Relax

Take a nap while our team of highly-skilled professionals works with UGC creators to create custom tailored organic content optimized for results.

03 - Run

We'll help you get your product in front of the right target audience by utilizing both organic and paid traffic.

04 - Optimize

Now comes the fun part: doubling down on best-performing creatives and working on improving them to drive even more sales.

Stefan Gazetic

Stefan Gazetic

Founder @ QuikMedia

Passionate about leveraging user-generated content to drive extraordinary results for eCommerce businesses.

Book your free 15-minute store audit with Stefan! (limited spots available)

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Tania Haldar, OneDoorMedia

“Absolute best of the best! As I continue to work with Stefan, I’m beyond grateful to have found not only a thorough professional and an expert in his work, but also a mentor and a guide! Can’t get better! Here’s to many more years of working together!!"
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